Distance Learning

Distance learning, is a viable option for many individuals of all ages who desire to get an education. It holds a number of pros and advantages over a traditional learning environment. Our Distance Learning courses can be completed online or via a workbook.


Benefits of Distance Learning:

  • Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional classroom education. You can complete the course in your own time and not restricted to set classroom times.
  • This form of education enables students to work at their own pace, and are given a range of due dates when each unit needs to be completed and the end predicted date the work needs to be submitted

How it works:

There is no required traveling with Distance learning courses, the assessor will visit the learner to enroll, the course will then be completed online or via post/email, if the learners have chosen to write the answers then they will be issued with envelopes to return the work.

Additional information:

Depending on funding the cost of these courses can vary, as with other courses the cost can also be dependent on age and previous qualifications. 

Distance learning may not suit everyone but should be considered when you do not have time to attend a training establishment.