The Care Certificate

The Care Certificate was introduced in April 2015 and it is now a mandatory requirement for health and social care professionals to complete the certificate as part of their induction programme.  

The certificate is divided into 15 standards, and each standard must be completed and assessed before a staff member can work without direct supervision in any setting.  Health and social care professionals should undertake this requirement at the beginning of their employment and can be done in phases. As the staff member meets each individual standard, they could be allowed to work without direct supervision against that standard.

To enroll on this course, contact Craig on (01326) 555472 or press the ‘call me back’ button to make an enquiry.

The SWSA Way:

Price: £250 (£200 without a DBS)

At SWSA we have designed and introduced a two week training programme that meets every aspect of your staff’s requirements within this field of expertise. The two week programme also provides your staff with additional qualifications which are certified through NCFE and South West Skills Academy.

Below is our Scheme of Work for the training programme for your reference. As you can see week one’s requirements are fairly intensive with individuals having to complete written assignments in their own time.

1DBS Check

Standard 1

Standard 2

Standard 6
Complete DBS

Complete the standards which involve understanding your role, creating a personal development plan, understanding the importance of effective communication and handling information.
2Moving and handling

Standard 13

Standard 15

Fire safety in the workplace

Heakth and safety in the workplace

Risk assessment in the workplace
3 hour moving and handling course to show competence in moving and handling individuals.

Health and safety in the workplace and infection prevention and control.

Will receive work books for the three NCFE examinations

Fire safety examination
3Standard 5

Standard 3
Complete the two standards on Working in a Person Centred Way and Understanding Your Duty of Care.
Will undertake two level 2 NCFE recognised exams in health and safety and risk assessment.
4Safeguarding course

Standard 10

Standard 4

Standard 7
4 hour safeguarding course to gain knowledge and understanding on safeguarding issues within care.
Will then complete standard 10 to show knowledge gained from the course.
Complete the standards on privacy and dignity in care and understanding the importance of equality and inclusion.
5Basic Life Support

Standard 12

Standard 8

Standard 9
3 hour Basic Life Support course and complete standard 12 which includes information on basic life support. The learner will complete the units on Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities and fluid and nutrition.
6-9ObservationsThe person will have observations by a senior member of staff whilst working double hander’s/shadowing them. This is to enable the person to show competence and that they are ready to work in care by themselves.
10CompletionOn the last day the learner will return to the office where they will complete final paperwork and be interviewed as to how they found the two weeks. Upon this, the learner will receive certification and all work will be scanned and recorded to provide evidence of what has been achieved.
Additional Qualifications
Basic Life Support
Moving and Handling