Information, Advice or Guidance

Offering clear and accurate information, advice or guidance and
knowing what can be shared legally and professionally can greatly improve outcomes for a business. There are some fundamental rules for successful information sharing and ensuring staff are aware of these is key.


To enroll on this course, contact Craig on (01326) 555472 or press the ‘call me back’ button to make an enquiry.


Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

Evidence of your competency to employers

Increase understanding of accurate recordkeeping, effective signposting and referral

Further your personal and professional development

Learn at a time that suits you without the need to attend college

Improve your understanding of effective communication techniques

    What you will learn:

    Unit 1 – Information, Advice or Guidance in Practice

    Unit 2 – Developing Interaction Skills for Information, Advice or Guidance

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Aged 19+
      (born before 01/09/1998)
    • Lived in the EU
      for 3 years