Moving and Handling

Price: £35 per person

Duration: 3 hours

NB: Discount available on group bookings

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Moving and Handling is suitable for someone that has not completed the course before, the length of the course will be 4 hours and the refresher is 3 hours

This Award Aims To: 

  • To provide course members with sufficient knowledge and practical skills to enable them to undertake handling tasks in a safe manner
  • Understand the current laws and the responsibilities of employees
  • Understand the structure of and functions of the spine
  • Be aware of the injuries which may occur
  • Be able to demonstrate correct posture and appropriate exercises
  • Understand the basic principles to be applied to all handling activities
  • Be able to carry out a basic assessment of a handling task and plan the way in which it is approached
  • Be able to demonstrate correct techniques for handling inanimate objects
  • Correct techniques for handling patients by means of for patient-handling staff be able to demonstrate mechanical aids and equipment manually