Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

ERR is a compulsory part of all Apprenticeship programmes to show that the Apprentice has had a full induction to the company or training programme, and are aware of those right and responsibilities that are essential in the workplace. Apprentices may be in their first job or be experienced in their role or industry, but this does not affect their ability to cover the knowledge required.

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How Will It Be Delivered?

The ERR knowledge has been presented in a similar format as Diploma units so that it has the same flexibility as the Diploma.  There are a number of evidence sources for ERR and these can include:

  • Referencing evidence showing knowledge of the in-house company induction against the ERR requirements (e.g. Copies of induction handbook, with explanation from the apprentice where necessary)
  • Collecting a portfolio of evidence, integrated with Diploma portfolio to gain knowledge

The knowledge requirements are the same for both the Apprenticeship and the Advanced Apprenticeship.  The Advanced Apprenticeship will a have a broader knowledge of the ERR. This should be in line with the greater depth of knowledge required for both the Diploma and BTEC Certificates for Advanced Apprentices.